December 28, 2019

Re-post: "The real Revolution is Self-Driving Infrastructure"

Re-post: "The real Revolution is Self-Driving Infrastructure"

The hype around self-driving cars keeps reaching new heights, with most pundits focusing on their immediate innovation and novelty. Intel’s recent $15 billion acquisition of Mobileye, which makes self-driving sensors and software, illustrates the immense potential of this opportunity. It also highlights, however, what many have yet to grasp: The true transformation isn’t the self-driving car, it’s the underlying digital technology.

The sensors and other necessary systems in a self-driving car will roughly generate and consume five terabytes of data every day. At 65 miles per hour, one second latency can separate life from death, so much of this data will need to be acted upon quickly.

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The Real Revolution Behind Self-Driving Cars is Self-Driving Infrastructure
Just as machine intelligence is increasingly enriching everyday human experiences, self-driving infrastructure is transforming the way digital technology is developed, deployed and delivered.