TestCon Moscow, Russia 14-17.04.2018

TestCon Moscow, Russia 14-17.04.2018

This conference was a total surprise for me. In early 2018 I did a security scanners presentation on Test:Dive in Krakow, I felt it was not good enough delivery and got a lot improvement actions for myself. Suddenly I got a telephone call form DataMiners, they had seen the video of the Test:Dive talk and liked the topic.

I agreed to provide it again for them with all the improvements and changes I had in the back of my head. The visa was easy to get and 2 months before World Cup I had a chance to visit Moscow.

The conference was one of my first outside of Poland presentations at such big stage. I had my first chance to meet great speakers form all over Europe - Czechia, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and many more that were invited there. It was my first ever conference with live translations from english to russian and from russian to english.

There was a large number of english language talks so I did not had the chance to use translations. Unfortunately russian presentations I had tried to see had also russian slides, I preferred the ones with english slides, and fortunate all of them were delivered in english.

I had a small room for my talk without the translation so it was pretty nice spot with a small interested audience. That helped me to jump over no experience of the abroad presentations. Thanks to Marta Firlej and Test:Fest I already had the opportunity to deliver talks in english. The support form other experienced speakers was also very helpful and I think I did a good job as next invitations to deliver that subject arrived in next weeks for other European conferences. Thank You all for the invite.