HUSTEF 28.10-1.11 Budapest, Hungary

HUSTEF 28.10-1.11 Budapest, Hungary

Just few days after the Agile By Example, there was time for the one of the most anticipated conference in 2018. I only heard great things about it and there is was the HUSTEF in Budapest, Hungary.

Before moving to the conference experience, first I want to give a big thanks to Isabel Evans for helping me to improve my CFP proposal and to fit my long - 45 minutes presentation in the shorter - 25 minutes slot scheduled at HUSTEF. Those shorter slots are challenging, but I would suggest them as a good start for stressed beginner speakers.

What can I say about conference itself?

It has great venue in one of most beautiful city I had seen. The conference organizers prepared for us a speakers dinner and also short, but fun sightseeing with w tour guide ending with a great view on the city centre. Lots of fun stuff in the evenings with great food, games and people.

If You wonder how the program looked like? Imagine names like: Isabel Evans, Tariq King, Rob Lambert, Tomek Dubikowski, Marta Firlej, Mieke Gevers, Niels Malotaux, Gaspar Nagy and many more at single event.

That had to be a blast !!

I loved the content and people, and had a lot of fun discussions with co-speakers. I did not found the Speakers Room, not sure if there was one. That made a small challenge for me to spend whole days with my laptop on my back.

To summarize this was a top 3 conference of 2018 I had a chance to visit. I loved the talks by Isabel and Tariq. Tomasz D. one again won best speaker award. My scores were not bad against such great competition:

Name, Title: Michal BUCZKO: Automated Security Scanning in Payment Card Industry

  • Content score: 8,1
  • Content place: 6
  • Average content score: 7,5
  • Speaker score: 8,1
  • Speaker place: 6
  • Average speaker score: 7,6

The video if You are interested: